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Fall Classic Recap

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

October 3rd - The final race of the season for HPR went off with a bang. Here is your recap of Haeden's weekend at the 2022 Fall Classic.

The Kulwicki Driver Development Program finalist had a successful weekend at the 35th running of the Fall Classic at Tri-City Raceway. Racing was held on Saturday and Sunday and each day saw the pits FULL of cars. As usual, the TCR folks (and some from Stateline, Wenatchee, and Hermiston) put on a heck of a show.

Saturday, Oct 1st

The Haeden Plybon Racing Team always comes prepared. Saturday was a prime example. At TCR, with the pits inside the track, you have to be able to bring everything you need to your stall. There is no going to your trailer to find that obscure tool.


Haeden won fast qualifier with a 18.794.

  1. #55 Haeden Plybon 00:18.794

  2. #54g Grant Thompson 00:18.870

  3. #18 Naima Lang 00:18.896

  4. #25 Randy Marshall JR 00:19.054

  5. #42 Garrett Huffines 00:19.060

  6. #91 Kyle Tellstrom 00:19.127

  7. #90 Trevor Cristiani 00:19.133

  8. #89 Doni Wanat 00:19.136

  9. #31 Blake Williams 00:19.145

  10. #17 Chance Overholt 00:19.151

Main Event

For the invert they rolled a four so Haeden had a little work to do. Starting out in P4, after a few laps he was in 3rd, and a few more he was in 2nd. This is when the real race began.

Haeden and Trevor Cristiani went side by side for what felt like the majority of the race. It was such intense racing! From one side of the track to the next they'd switch positions and then switch back again. Haeden would gain the lead in turn 2 and Cristiani would have it again around turn 4. From our vantage point in the pits, we could only see half the action at a time. So it felt like a roller coaster each lap.

(Thank you Elevate Racing Media for the photos!)

The most extreme nail biter of them all was had to be the last five laps. Trevor had regained the lead after a caution and was performing some incredible defensive driving. He would pinch off the #55 coming out of turn 2 so Haeden couldn't pull ahead as he had been doing in the beginning. Our hats are off to you Trevor, as you are an amazing driver. Any of us will always enjoy watching you race.

Finally with five to go, Haeden managed to get out in front and take the lead. He was comfortably ahead when the checkered finally came.

  1. #55 Haeden Plybon

  2. #90 Trevor Cristiani

  3. #25 Randy Marshall JR

  4. #89 Doni Wanat

  5. #42 Garrett Huffines

  6. #31 Blake Williams

  7. #17 Chance Overholt

  8. #78 Haley Constance

  9. #94 Ashton Cristiani

  10. #8 Tyler Brown

With Day 1 in the books, it was time to prepare for the Super Late race. The team loaded up the pro late and began working on day 2. No rest for the dedicated.

Sunday, October 2nd

Spirits were high going into the day. The car came together well. It was fast. Qualifying began and it was very close.

  1. #55 Haeden Plybon 00:17.811

  2. #10 Owen Riddle 00:18.029

  3. #90 Trevor Cristiani 00:18.082

  4. #15 Tayler Riddle 00:18.083

  5. #18 Naima Lang 00:18.112

  6. #34 Scott Walker 00:18.119

  7. #31 Jason Fraser 00:18.121

  8. #31w Blake Williams 00:18.129

  9. #17 Zachary Telford 00:18.188

  10. #1 Kasey Kleyn 00:18.196

With that we were ready to go!

There was no invert, so Haeden started in P1. Trevor and Haeden swapped positions and we all knew we were going to get to see another amazing battle.

At the break there was two tires and that was it. Nothing big was changed and we were waiting for the final 50.

Haeden was in the front for about 45 laps and then the car started to get loose. He held on as long as he could but Doni Wanat and Jason Fraser past with five to go. Haeden finished P3.

We would like to thank our incredibly dedicated crew. Without them none of this would be possible. They are truly class act!

HPR Team

  • Thomas Plybon

  • Kevin Richards

  • Josh Aguirre

  • Ryen Tarr

  • Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Sue Cowlishaw

  • Frank Varner

  • Cindi Schoenberg

  • Brock Denney

Haeden's Sponsors

  • Cascade Rain Gutters

  • Evergreen State Towing

  • Muffler Mart

  • Kulwicki Driver Development Program

  • Hail Solutions

  • Hamke Race Cars

  • Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Angel's Bail Bonds

  • RaceCals

  • Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

Coming Up Next

Haeden and Team will be looking for marketing partners for the 2023 season. If you would like to join with us in the excitement of being part of a dynamic winning team, write us at Until then, thank you for your support and for being an HPR fan!

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