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Haeden Plybon Wins the Idaho 200

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

July 31 - Spokane, WA

(Thank you Horsepower Project for the photos!)

It is hard to find the words to describe what was witnessed last night. So we will just say, Haeden Plybon had the race of his career. We were brought to the edge of our seats and then struck by lightning. There was elation, confidence, extreme excitement. Followed by confusion, exasperation, and doubt. There were many prayers. In the end it was one of the most memorable nights at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway.

Now the story usually starts at the beginning, and in racing that would be the qualifying. But first we want to again thank the Kulwicki Driver Development Program and Mr. Tom Roberts for coming out to visit our home track. He is a gentleman and a scholar as well as all of the folks involved with the KDDP. It is an incredible blessing that a program such as this exists and we are grateful to be involved.

Now on to Qualifying!

It was a tough field of cars. On Friday most folks were saying that anything could happen given the qualifying times. But HPR fans knew one thing for sure: Haeden was fast.

  1. 55 Haeden Plybon 13.949

  2. 11G Nick Gibson 13.983

  3. 31 Trayten Tarr 14.003

  4. 23 Corey Allard 14.034

  5. 54 Grant Thompson 14.044

  6. 29 Jason O'Neil 14.051

  7. 53 Alex Lessor 14.061

  8. 40 Alan Cress 14.083

  9. 94 Ashton Cristiani 14.089

  10. 16 TJ Monroe 14.094

  11. 17 Chance Overholt 14.100

  12. 26 John Newhouse 14.114

  13. 9 Josh Roberts 14.120

  14. 99 Tyler Bailey 14.129

  15. 41 Andy Brown 14.144

With that tight of field, we were waiting for the invert. Haeden had the honors of rolling the dice and it was a six.

With that Haeden started on the outside P6. But it didn't take long for that to change. By intermission, he was in the lead.

At the break, the team changed two tires and made a couple minor adjustments. With temperatures exceeding 100ºF during the day, everyone expected the track conditions to change as the night cooled. It was how you adjusted that would help determine your success in the last half. The amazing HPR Team is highly prepared for these situations.

Thank you to the incredible HPR Crew!

  • Thomas Plybon

  • Kevin Richards

  • Josh Aguirre

  • Ryen Tarr

  • Chuck Dasenbrock

  • Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Bryan Graham

  • Frank Varner

At break things got interesting. One of the drawbacks of having intermission on the track is the team is out of their element. A flashlight was left on the fuel cell which had to be removed. After doing so the first instruction was that Haeden would get his spot back. But then it was changed and he had to head to the back of the lead lap cars. And indeed, the rules state that if you enter the pits, you will head to the back.

(Thank you Racing America for these images!)

There may have been a knee jerk reaction by those watching to wonder if the night was over. But Haeden wasn't going to see the night end that way. He began the charge of a lifetime. It was the kind of stuff that you will never forget. Starting back at 14 it look Haeden 37 laps to get up to 3rd. Soon there was a caution with 57 to go. Here are some screen grabs of that action courteous of Racing America.

(Thank you Racing America for these images!)

After three laps Haeden and Nick Gibson were fighting for second. Nick held on but Haeden just had a little bit more in the tank. Then came the battle that will not be forgotten. Haeden and Grant Thompson fought it out for what felt like ages. With this kind of race on the line, the Idaho 200, each driver left nothing on the table.

(Thank you Dishaw Photography for the photos!)

But it was Haeden's turn this day. He reminded everyone of why folks have rooted for the #55 car and for sure more will follow in the years to come.

Now that this story is complete, we will move to the next. Haeden's passion is racing and he will always be moving forward. If you are interested in coming along for the ride and becoming a marketing partner with Haeden, get in touch with us through email: Pacific Northwest Racing is a great way to gain exposure for your business!

Haeden's Sponsors

  • Cascade Rain Gutters

  • Evergreen State Towing

  • Muffler Mart

  • Kulwicki Driver Development Program

  • Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Hamke Race Cars

  • Angel's Bail Bonds

  • RaceCals

  • Wheelman

  • Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

Up next the team is taking a few weeks off and we'll see you at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway again for the Northwest Super Late Model Series Rescheduled event. Check out for details.

Coming up next:

  • August 20 NWSLMS Re-Scheduled

  • September 17 WVSO Jerry Berschauer 125 PLM

  • September 18 WVSO Neal Newberry 125 NWSLMS

  • October 1-2 Tri-City Raceway Fall Classic NWSLMS

More photos from throughout the day!

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