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HPR Takes 3rd in Wild Finish at WVSO's Neal Newberry 125

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Sep 18 - Wenatchee, WA

(Thank you Elevate Racing Media the photo!)

Haeden Plybon pulled off an incredible third place podium in the second to last NWSLMS race of the season. The Kulwicki Driver Development Program finalist battled all evening for 4rd, 5th and a few other positions before settling on 3rd with two laps to go.

  1. 64 Garret Evans

  2. 26 John Newhouse

  3. 55 Haeden Plybon

  4. 11 JJ Hamilton

  5. 11G Nick Gibson

  6. 37 Kaiden Anderson

Haeden began the night with the second fastest time at 12.831.

(Thank you Sandi Allen for the photo!!)

As it has been all year, the field was extremely tight to start the race.

  1. 5 Jan Evans 12.799

  2. 55 Haeden Plybon 12.831

  3. 22 Evan Goetz 12.853

  4. 64 Garret Evans 12.885

  5. 13 Matt Doyle 12.901

  6. 11 JJ Hamilton 12.946

  7. 17 Bob Presley 12.969

  8. 26 John Newhouse 12.998

  9. 37 Kaiden Anderson 13.012

  10. 93 Dave Garber 13.017

Haeden kept within the top 5 for a large portion of laps until an incident between him, Evan Goetz, and Bob Presley resulted in Evan and Haeden going to the back and Bob pulling into the pits. With 83 laps down hopes were grim but that wouldn't be the end. In about twenty laps Haeden fought back up to P8. Then there was a succession of yellows and pretty soon it was P4. Finally there was a shootout between Haeden and Trayten Tarr and Haeden just nudged ahead in the final moments. It's pretty much the case by now that you can never count this team out.

(Thank you Elevate Racing Media the photos!)

All Comes Down to a Few Points

Before today's race Kaiden Anderson was ahead of Haeden in the NWSLMS points standings by 20 points. We'll have to wait a few days to see how things will change now but it will be close. It will all come down to the Fall Classic.

Haeden couldn't do it without the HPR Team

  • Thomas Plybon

  • Kevin Richards

  • Josh Aguirre

  • Ryen Tarr

  • Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Sue Cowlishaw

  • Frank Varner

  • Cindi Schoenberg

Haeden's Sponsors

  • Cascade Rain Gutters

  • Evergreen State Towing

  • Muffler Mart

  • Kulwicki Driver Development Program

  • Hail Solutions

  • Hamke Race Cars

  • Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Angel's Bail Bonds

  • RaceCals

  • Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

Up next is the final race of the year at Tri-City Raceway for the Fall Classic. We will see you all there!

More photos from Sandi Allen!!

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