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Race Results - PCA 125

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

June 18th, 2022 - Hermiston Raceway

Started out the night by getting fast time. The car was running very well. The NWSLMS draws out of a hat to decide the top eight, and Haeden drew 3rd. Stayed there for a while and then led for the majority of the race.

(Thank you Jacob Langston for the photo!)

Unfortunately the LR started going down causing him to go down to 3rd.

Kept battling until two to go when Haeden was involved in a wreck. The car sustained rear end damage and was out of the race.

Haeden was quick to pop out of the car and began helping the safety crew attach the hook to the rear. After waving to the crowd he walked alongside the #55 off the track and back to the pits.

It was an excellent race and Haeden's fans were definitely in attendance at Hermiston Raceway. It was a tough pill to swallow but they really got to see a show. As usual Haeden was a top contender up until the end.

Up next in the schedule would be the Galloway Shootout at Evergreen Speedway on June 25th. We'll need to hang tight to see if the team can address any issues with the car.

Coming up next:

  • June 25 Evergreen Galloway Shootout 125 PLM

  • July 14 MVSO Montana 200 SLM

  • July 22-23 Evergreen Summer Showdown PLM & SLM

  • July 28-30 Stateline Speedway Idaho 200 PLM

  • August 6 South Sound 200 NWSLM

  • August 19-20 Meridian Idaho 208 PLM

  • September 17 WVSO Jerry Berschauer 125 PLM

  • September 18 WVSO Neal Newberry 125 NWSLMS

  • October 1-2 Tri-City Raceway Fall Classic NWSLM

Haeden's sponsors:

  • Cascade Rain Gutters

  • Evergreen State Towing

  • Muffler Mart

  • Kulwicki Driver Development Program

  • Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw

  • Joes Racing Products

  • RaceCals

  • Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

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