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Race Results - TSCS - And Sponsorship Opportunities

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

(Thank you Jacob Langston for the photo!)

Haeden had a great start and broke his own previously held track record. The new record is 15.414. He led for the majority of the race until a suspension issue cropped up ending the night with 26 to go.

(Thank you Jacob Langston for the photo!)

The team will take a break this weekend and focus on preparing for the Montana 200 on July 14th. Immediately after that will be the Summer Showdown followed by the Idaho 200. It will be the busiest four weeks of the year, with a serious race every weekend. Therefore this is the best time to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities. If you are looking for exposure for your business or just want to support Haeden, email us at The team has a brand new canvas to cover in the new Hamke car which has just arrived at the shop.

Full theme - Large Hood - Full Side Partial theme - Large side or large hood - Spot decals Spot locations - Bumper - Side in front of number - Side behind rear tire - Side in front of front tire - Side on skirt - Deck lid

Included are social media and website callouts (Instagram and Facebook). Come along for the ride in our upcoming races!

Coming up next - July 14 MVSO Montana 200 SLM - July 22-23 Evergreen Summer Showdown PLM & SLM - July 28-30 Stateline Speedway Idaho 200 PLM - August 6 South Sound 200 NWSLM - August 19-20 Meridian Idaho 208 PLM - September 17 WVSO Jerry Berschauer 125 PLM - September 18 WVSO Neal Newberry 125 NWSLMS - October 1-2 Tri-City Raceway Fall Classic NWSLM Haeden's Sponsors - Cascade Rain Gutters - Evergreen State Towing - Muffler Mart

- Kulwicki Driver Development Program - Sue and Kelly Cowlishaw - RaceCals - Joes Racing Products

- Horsepower Project by Michele Martin Photography

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