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Weekend Recap + Apple Cup Photo Dump

Updated: May 21

May 21st, 2024 - Spokane, WA

We finally got one.

BTW - We are giving away an HPR hoodie to one lucky person (chosen at random) who meets the following conditions.

Leave a comment at the bottom of the article (NOT ON FACEBOOK) with your favorite HPR racing moment. You only need a Google account to log in. We will post the drawing just before the Wenatchee 200.

May 17th, 2024 - RaceCals Pro Late Models Main 2 - 1st Place

The 1st Main was not so great. We had qualified 1st and quickly took the lead. Then we were spun on a restart with 17 to go and collided with the number 96 taking us both out. But Kevin had promised Haeden that if we got the win in the 2nd Main we'd fix the car for tomorrow's race. So that night we began taking the car apart.

In the morning we replaced some panels and decals. Can you guess how many pieces from different cars were involved? Here's to saving usable parts!

AND she's ready.

We qualified 3rd which isn't too shabby with a crate motor, The car was very good. We took the lead and stayed there for a while. Then we had a brake failure that ended our night.

We will take the 2nd Main Pro late win and build on it. Up next in the schedule is the Wenatchee 200.

Apple Cup Pro Late Feature In Pictures - 3rd Place

Apple Cup Day 2 SLM In Pictures - 12th Place

Haeden Plybon Racing is made up of the best crew around and none of this would happen without them. Thank you!

  • Thomas Plybon

  • Kevin Richards

  • Bryan Graham

  • Josh Aguirre

  • Ryen Tarr

  • Frank Varner

  • Cindi Schoenberg

  • Chuck Dasenbrock

  • Scott Mader

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13 bình luận

My favorite moment was sitting by the flagger at fall classic the year it had opened an watching Haeden fly by making moves that were crazy passes an we found out we were sitting by some of his cousins an this was when he had broke we all were bummed since we had all been rooting Haeden on


My favorite moment of Haeden racing was at the Idaho 200 when at the halfway break and the crew left a flashlight on the car and he then had to start at the back of the pack and came back for the win! He is a good racer and always fun to watch.


My favorite Haeden Plybon Racing moment is every moment he’s out on the track racing. My family has been watching Haeden race since way back when he raced Bandaleros. Watching him grow as a racer and move up in the classes have been my favorite moments. I have even created some new fans out of the people who sit around me at the races with my cheering. We live in Coeur d’ Alene but try and travel to as many races as we can to watch Haeden race.

I even have an old neon yellow child sized Haeden Plybon Racing shirt and I would love to upgrade to a new Sweatshirt to wear. Haeden is a good clean racer an…


My favorite Haeden Plybon race was the 2022 Idaho 200 racing with Grant, Thompson and Haeden winning the race. I was in the camping area on turn 3 at Findlay Stateline Speedway watching that race. It was the best Idaho 200 ever..


Idaho 200 2023

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